Create short recordings
with ease.

Brevy makes it easy to share recordings of your camera and screen.

No editing, no hassle

Replace unnecessary Zoom meetings with short, screen-share recordings and regain control over your calendar.

Press Record via the Extension

Brevy is accessible from your browser’s toolbar. Start recording yourself in just a few clicks.

Record up to 5 minutes

Brevy will automatically save and optimize the video for consumption after you are finished.

Instantly share the recording

A share link will be available instantly after you’re done recording. No wait for uploading or processing.

stop saying

“this could've been an email”

and start living it.

Save boatloads of time.

Meet only when needed. Brevy removes the need for short, one-sided meetings. Instead, record short videos with screenshare enabled and instant sharing features.

Comment on videos in one, clean location.

Every video comes with an attached viewing link and comment section. Use async video to iterate seamlessly.

Supercharge your product team with Brevy

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